Being able to roam freely anywhere you go is a blessing which we all want to have in our lives, and with the help of small cross body bags, it is very much possible.

With the increase of technology, we have become more social as compared to some time back, and we tend to move from one place to another looking for something new and exciting more frequently. This means more traveling regardless of the distance.

To succeed in a tension-free trip, we always try to keep our belongings such as mobile phones and keys and other important documents close to us as these things can get lost or snatched easily. Here small cross body bags come for our rescue.

A small cross body bag is that type of bag which can carry your essential thing which you need on travel easily, and of course that bag will provide you maximum easiness as it will be light in weight as well.

But our epic dilemma is not able to decide what to choose because we have so many options at our hands. The market is full of many different brands, and they are offering small cross body bags in so much variety and colorful options that we are bound to get confused. But worry not.

Today I have prepared a list of best small cross body bag 2019 after careful selection and examination.

They will not only provide you the ease you are looking while traveling but also, they will not be a burden on the pocket as well.

1- MINICAT Roomy Pockets Series Small Crossbody Bag:

The small body bags by Minicat is ideal for traveling as it provides you with all needed space and it carries no weight on your shoulder. This trendy and easily accessible small cross body bag is not that expensive which means you can easily add it to you must buy list.

Special Features:

  • Classic design: minicat cross body bags are of classic design where you can easily store multiple things like your cell phone, cards, and other little makeup items.
  • Leather made: the bag is made out of leather which makes it more durable and easier to carry when you are traveling.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap: the strap of this small cross body bag is ideal as it can be increased in length and shortens as well to only add to its many benefits.


  • Lengthy strap
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Not expensive


  • The strap can get damages if used roughly

2 – SEOSTO Women Small Crossbody Purse:

The best small purse with shoulder strap is that quality which is the highlight of this crossbody bag by seOSTO.

It adds beautiful contrast color to your daily routine as it has enough space for your go out with your friends and family. It comes in various color options which make it one of the best small cross body bags.

Special features:

  • Classic designing: this small cross body bag has the classic designing of any crossbody bag has. It has compartments which ensure more storage for everyday life routine things like mobile phones and cards etc.
  • Lengthy strap ensures safe cross over: the length of the strap is kept long to make it easy for you cross over your body. The length also means that the strap will not disturb you in any way.
  • PU leather used in manufacturing: the material used in the manufacturing ensures that the small crossbody bag will have long durability and won’t fade off easily.


  • Not expensive
  • Soft color
  • Many color options
  • Tassels addition


  • Beauty elements can get damage quickly

SEOSTO Small Crossbody Bag:

Another inclusion of seOSTO cross body bag in the list only means that this brand is producing one of the best small cross body bags out there.

The special thing about it is the design which has hollow portions in the front which allows you to hear the ringtone.

It is very much like one of the best designer small cross body bags and you will love it when you get one for yourself.

Special features:

  • Typical seOSTO design: it has a hollow front portion which makes the ringtone or music to travel clearly to you, and you will not miss another call in any rush.
  • Mobile usage is straightforward: they have special placement of mobile phones through which using them is not only easy but also they stay protected from any kind of water spill as well.
  • Lengthy and removable strap: the strap is made out of leather which ensures you long lasting and more safety. Also, the removable option is excellent so you can have it replaced if it gets damaged or anything.


  • Best for traveling
  • Multiple Colour options
  • Fit for all mobile
  • Spacious


  • Thin strap
  • Harper Crossbody:

Made out of vegan leather you can say that Harpers’ have been working their angles in entirely new ways.

Also, the introduction of RFID in such small cross body bags means that all of your documental data such as ID card or credit card and other such documents will remain safe.

So, you can freely move from one place to another, and you will not worry at all. This is the main reason it is considered as one of the best small cross body bags for travel.

Special features:

  • Magnetic closure front flap: the front flap has a magnetic lock which makes the bag lock itself automatically when you drop the flap after you have taken your desired things out.
  • Vegan leather: this type of leather is an excellent option as it is easy to clean and maintained. Also, the look of the product remains intact and almost exact as new.
  • RFID present: RFID protect your documents and data from getting stolen, a rather technological theft which can leave you in extremely worrisome circumstances.


  • Colour variety
  • Sober design
  • Multi-functional


  • Not too spacious.
  • Just must Small Crossbody Bag:

Such small cross body bags which can get converted to another form by just the removal or addition of a strap adds to your many benefits related to that specific bag, in this case the JUST MUST small cross body bag.

It is often considered as one of the best small over the shoulder bag because it offers you versatility and space you need when you want to carry some daily routine items like phone or lipstick or gloss.

Special features:

  • Color options add to the factors: it comes in so many color options that you can choose different bags to go with different dress themes.
  • Very spacious: the small bag offers more space than it looks because of the compartmental division and easily accessible partitions.
  • Offers versatility: this amazing yet simple looking small cross body bag can be used as your evening bag or when you go for a walk or even when travelling.


  • Spacious
  • Very practical
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Light weighted
  • Adjustable strap
  • Unisex usage


  • The front magnetic lock can get damaged
  • Scarleton Ultra Soft Multi Pockets Washed Leather Accent Top Belt Cross Body Bag Shoulder Purse:

The small cross body bag by Scarleton is ultra-soft because of the material used in manufacturing. It has an excellent quality strap which makes it even more easy and comfortable in usage.

Such small, purse can be used in any travelling or any time of outing. It will safely secure your items and give you a convenient and tension free time.

Special features:

  • It is a vegan leather bag: meaning that the maintenance if this bag is not an issue at all. You can easily clean it and keep it safe.
  • Multiple pockets: it has many pockets which provide you to store your things systematically and properly maintained.
  • Bronze material is used: the handles and the locks are made out of bronze which means more durability to the small cross body bags.


  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Lengthy strap
  • Durable material
  • Color option
  • Not expensive


  • Zips not great
  • MINICAT Women RFID Blocking Small, Bags:

One of the best qualities of this small leather cross body is that it will be forever with you if you take proper care and maintain good cleaning. The bag from MiNiCAT offers more durability and good handling because of the strong strap.

Special features:

  • Amazing design: it has a very classic design as it is a MINICAT bag which goes to beauty with practicality. The hollow design at the front provides you clear sound from mobile.
  • Very spacious: it has more space than you think from its looks. It offers more space and portions.
  • Made out of synthetic leather: this small side purse being made out of leather means that it will last long with you. Also, that cleaning is not going to be a problem.


  • Hollow design
  • Color option
  • Removable strap
  • Practical


  • The strap can get damage.
  • Multi Zipper Pocket Small Wristlet Crossbody Bag:

This type of small cross body bag has many pockets which makes it one of the best small cross body bag for travel because sometimes you have to organize different small things into different sections.

Like, makeup things in another section like cards in another portion. Another great thing about this small cross body handbag is that it can be converted into wristlet which makes it not only practical but also stylish.

Special features:

  • Multiple zip compartments: it has different compartments which are divided using zipping to provide you enough space so you can put things very easily with the hassle.
  • Colour variety is available: it also offers a wide range of colors from which you can choose easily and according to your choice.
  • It can be converted: as the strap is removable, you can easily make it a wrist carrying bag which is very easy for you to maintain.


  • Washable
  • Light weighted
  • Wrist strap
  • Strong zipper


  • One main compartment
  • AOCINA Cell Phone Purse Wallet Canvas Big Pocket Women Small Crossbody Purse Bags:

When we are looking for small cross body bags, we look at AOCINA bags because they offer so much variety. Their small crossbody bags have color variety, material strength and of course long durability.

They are specially designed to make you as less weighted as possible. These best crossover handbags are best for any time out. One must have it as it does not cost too much on the budge as well.

Special features:

  • Color option is present: the availability of the color range means you have more options to look into and you can find something’s which goes with you in each and every mood.
  • Durable strap: the strap is long and durable which provides you with much ease and comfortable carrying.
  • Presence of two zip pockets: it is always good to have more pockets as it becomes easy for you to carry accordingly and things don’t get messy as well.


  • Durable strap
  • Roomy
  • Washable


  • The magnetic lock can get loose
  • Sweety Sharon Women’s Monogram Canvas Flap Purse Small Chain Cross Body Bag:

One of the best qualities about having this small cross body bag is that it comes with a light weighted chain which easily crosses over your shoulder making it one of the best small side purses.

The chain adds the chic look and it becomes a must have accessory on a girl’s night out. With such small cross body handbag carrying you closest things like mobile or cards is very easy, and it does not look like a hippy item at all. Quite stylish to be honest.

Special features:

  • The chain is a modern look: addition of chain in this small cross body bag means that you can make it you’re going to your spiel night out items.
  • Flap adds to security: the front flap only adds to more security as it always keeps close when it is free, and it locks automatically.
  • Price says a lot: it can come as a slightly expensive item, but you can say that price usually tell us about what excellent choice of product it must be.


  • Branded look
  • Faux leather
  • Coins space


  • Average chain length
  • Can smell initially
  • expensive

Frequently Asked Question

  • Is RFID must work for small cross body bags?

Ans: having RFID in your small cross body bag is a luxury that not every small cross body purse bag has, but when it is available, it means that your documents such as your identification card or license card and others will remain safe with you.

Having small cross body bags help when you are traveling, and with RFID element present in your small crossbody bags, it provides a more secure environment for you and your essentials.

  • How much should a small crossbody cost?

Ans: usually a small cross body bag is not that expensive. It can easily range from $15 – $50. The quality of the bag and the way it is made usually speak about the price.

Also, other elements like weight, handling, strap, and security providing factors add to the worth of the small cross body bag.

But remember that if you go with brands then obviously you will get high prices because usually, brands have excellent materials and much stronger locks and holdings.

  • What type of small crossbody is more useful?

Ans: a small cross body bag which usually rests in front of you is more helpful as it provides maximum protection against theft and snatching.

You must remember that since it is a small bag, snatching will be pretty easy and if you hang it loosely on your shoulder, then you can expect that nay menace can do you the harm and snatch or steal your bag.

The best way to wear the best small cross body bag is to keep it at rest in front of you while crossing it over your one shoulder.

Also, remember that when you have your best small cross body purse in such a position, it can be more useful as you can take things out easily but also have maximum security.

  • Can cross body bag be converted into a handbag?

Ans: yes, any small cross body bag can be easily converted. You can always convert your small cross body bag into a purse when you put it on one shoulder, and it hangs downwards.

You can also switch it into a mini purse if it has that option by simply removing the long strap. There is another option to be availed in small cross body bags when you can make them turn into wrist bags.

All you have to do is to switch the long shoulder strap with wrist strap, and it will become light weight and multifunctional clutch type purse.


So, Folks, so have provided you detailed reviews of the amazon top and bestselling small crossbody bags. Now, its time to grab the one that fits to your personality and full fil your requirements.

Good Luck!